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April, 2015 | SPRING MEANS NEW

Things bloom in Spring and that is exactly what is happening on our side of the world too. We are proud to announce that the one and only Sean Turnbull of Pterodactyl King, who many of you heard doing the guest vocal on the intro of Ashes to Ashes on Undivided Intentions will be joining us as an official LIVE member! He made his debut at the Debonair Social Club show this past month, which you can view HERE courtesy of RavensFilm Productions, to an outstanding success! We are extremely happy to have Sean on board and are beyond excited to have him take the live experience to a whole other level. He has fit into the HEMI family as awesomely as we knew he would! Be sure to check out his band at the link above as well as the video of his debut with us to see the fantastic work he does.

Also if you still havenít heard Undivided Intentions yet you can stream it on BANDCAMP and to purchase it you can order it from CD BABY.

We are also beginning work on new tracks this month and are excited to experiment with some new sounds and compositions. Keep an eye out for some previews regarding those in the next coming weeks. Also donít forget to keep up with us on social media for all day to day happenings at the links below.

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