1/14 Live Wire Lounge | 9 PM
Chicago, IL

2016 | PHASE TWO


MotörHEMI Album CoverAfter months of diligent work, our latest release, MotörHEMI: A Tribute to Motörhead is now available worldwide! This is an exclusive release where we covered two often overlooked gems from the Motörhead catalog covering the spectrum of one older and one newer tracks. In this release we have included the classic, Deaf Forever from the Orgasmatron album and In the Black from the Inferno album. Both tracks have been kept true to their spirit and have a HEMI flair added to them. Our most humbling response from these tracks has come from none other than Motörhead guitarist, Phil Campbell who gave both tracks his approval and blessing. Have a listen to them HERE.

New Music

Writing for the upcoming new original record is coming along very well! We have completed 2 of the 5 tracks that will make up the new EP and are pressing on to try and complete things by the end of the year for an early 2017 release. Trent has a concept idea in mind that his lyrics are following and as the story reveals itself more we will let you all in on it a bit more.

Music Video

Our incredible partnership with RavensFILM Productions continues with the all new exclusively produced and released music video for our single Nevermore from the Undivided Intentions album. It is a live montage set to the studio track also featuring story progression with several RavensFILM releases The Fixer, Dead of Night, and Kill Shot. View the video HERE and check out RavensFILM Productions HERE.


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